About Neurotek

Attentional profiling & analytics specialists

Neurotek provides innovative solutions for attentional profiling aimed at unlocking the potential of every individual.

Our MOXO cloud-based digital assessment provides both accurate diagnostic support, and a scientific assessment of human attention.

Our Story

Neurotek was founded with the vision of providing new, modern solutions for attentional profiling.
Our flagship product MOXO is the industry’s leading fully online and cloud based, validated Continuous Performance Test (CPT).

The origin of the name is “Mokuso”, which is an exercise in martial arts that is aimed at calming and focusing the mind, bringing it to the present moment. The emphasis is on clearing the mind of distractions and achieving a state of mental readiness and composure.

Used by numerous institutes and clinics worldwide, MOXO Diagnosis provides an objective and detailed assessment for the screening and diagnostic support of attention difficulties and deficits.

Early ADHD diagnosis enhances employability and job stability, significantly improving life quality for millions globally.
With the experience and knowledge resulting from running close to a million MOXO assessments worldwide and over ahundred of peer-reviewed research publications and academic studies, Neurotek is expanding attentional profiling beyond the clinical realm, with MOXO Profiler – the industry’s first general population attention profiler, designed to encompass the entire attention spectrum.
Identifying attentional strengths and weaknesses empowers learners to optimize their learning strategies and boost academic performance.

Our Mission

Unleashing the power of personalized

attention profiling to enable talents

to fulfill their full potential.


Dr. Jacob (Yaki) Dayan

A seasoned entrepreneur in social impact and international business development.
Holding both a PhD in education and engineering degrees, Yaki is a recognized global EdTech leader who has mentored and supported numerous startups on their path to success.

Yaki founded EdTech Israel (2014) and IES
Summit (2016) with the vision to transform startup-nation into EdTech-nation.

In 2022 Yaki transitioned to lead Neurotek and make it a leading player in the field of digital cognitive measurement and assessment.

Jennifer Gendron

As a distinguished global commercial leader, Jennifer leverages over a decade of expertise in crafting innovative health and wellbeing solutions tailored for employers, health systems and health plans worldwide. Her proficiency in navigating high-growth technology landscapes is underpinned by a robust foundation of ten years of experience as a provider in clinical behavioral health.

Moreover, Jennifer has experience in the
behavioral health academic setting, enriching her understanding of the nuanced intersections between technology, health, and human behavior.

Advisory Board

Dr. Sam Goldstein

Sam Goldstein, Ph.D. is an Adjunct Assistant Professor at the University of Utah School of Medicine. He is Clinical Director of the Neurology Learning and Behavior Center.

Dr. Goldstein has authored over fifty trade and science texts as well as over three dozen science based book chapters and thirty peer reviewed research articles. He has also co-authored ten psychological tests. He currently serves as Editor in Chief of the Journal of Attention Disorders and sits on the editorial boards of six peer reviewed journals. He is also the Co-editor of the Encyclopedia of Child Development.

Mickey Revenaugh

Mickey is a global EdTech and virtual learning pioneer. She is the co-founder of Connections
Academy, a ground-breaking online school provider that launched in 2001 and now serves more than 110,000 K-12 students globally. Previously, she helped launch the E-rate to wire every American school to the Internet, and was EdTech editor at Scholastic.

Mickey is Board Chair of Brooklyn Lab Charter School, Yellow Arrow Publishing, and Barbara J Dreyer Cares Foundation. She holds a BA from Yale, an MBA from NYU, and an MFA from Bennington.

Prof. César Soutullo

Cesar A. Soutullo, MD, PhD, is John S. Dunn Endowed Professor at McGovern Medical School, and Vice Chair and Chief of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry, and Director of the ADHD Outpatient Program at the UTHealth – Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences.

Dr. Soutullo’s extensive publications include over 104 original papers, 140 books, review papers or book chapters, and 315 posters in national & international conferences. He is reviewer of 61 Journals and Member of the Editorial Committee in 17 Journals. He is listed top 0.2% author on ADHD (percentile 99.8) Worldwide.