MOXO for Diagnostic Support

Preferred decision support tool for clinicians

Medical professionals worldwide turn to MOXO when they are diagnosing attentional difficulties.
As the industry standard CPT, we make diagnosing ADHD convenient, easy, and precise.

MOXO measures a wide range of attentional and executive function parameters, providing accurate measures of core symptoms and attentional difficulties.

Why Clinicians Choose MOXO

Telehealth ready by design

Meeting client expectations is simple with MOXO, the only fully online attention assessment. Our cloud-based functionality makes our application accessible from any computer for remote account management and assessments.

All of the data, non of the hardware

No need to worry about losing your flash drive, MOXO requires no installation or custom hardware. Seamlessly log in and instantly dive into assessment results using your patient dashboard or full report view.

Greater understanding of patients’ symptoms

MOXO measures core symptoms of attention deficencies (attentiveness, timeliness, impulsiveness and hyper-reactivity) with exceptional accuracy, providing objective data aiding with diagnosis and treatment.
The MOXO assessment has been rigorously tested by both clinicians and academics and boasts 91+% accuracy, and 85+% sensitivity and specificity.

Streamlined diagnosis process

Evaluate each patient accurately, methodically, and quickly. MOXO supports clinical decision making and allows for a more efficient diagnosis, which requires fewer consultations. Face-to-face or remotely, MOXO allows healthcare professionals to do more in less time.

Easy to read reports

Designed with both clinicians and patients in mind, our highly detailed reports facilitate a transparent dialogue, enabling clinicians to convey complex complex cognitive performance results with ease. Our reports serve as a bridge, simplifying the journey from assessment to understanding.

Embedded distractor system

MOXO stands out by incorporating specialized auditory and visual distractors to reflect a client’s real-life experience. Our reports then provide insights into how attentional parameters interact with our unique distractors, enriching the understanding of attention in everyday contexts.

Unique set of indicators

MOXO sets new standards in data analytics, highlighting exclusive indicators for your attention and consideration. We evaluate response consistency and reliability, detect intentional misrepresentation of attentional challenges, and capture the uniqueness of each individual’s attentional profile.

Implementation of MOXO for Diagnostic Support

MOXO guides your diagnostic journey with precision, allowing you to ‘zoom out’ to see the full picture with MOXO Profiler, or ‘zoom in’ to pinpoint specific attentional challenges with MOXO Diagnosis. Navigate the breadth and depth of attention with ease, ensuring a complete assessment.