Empowering professionals
with actionable data

MOXO Profiler is the industry’s first attention profiler, designed to encompass the entire attention spectrum.

Unlock attentional information for each talent and highlight strengths alongside areas for improvement.

How We Support Professionals

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Assessing performance

By Incorporating a general population baseline made up of more than 58,000 assessments we are able to generate detailed profiles, highlighting strengths as well as areas for improvement.

Actionable data

Now for the first time you can measure focus, information processing, and socio-emotional regulation.

You can even see how visual and auditory distractors impact performance.

Elevating success

By using the information provided in our detailed reports professionals can support their talents.

Be it academic, athletic, professional, or anywhere else – MOXO Profiler opens a new path to success.

The general population baseline was built based on over 900,000 MOXO assessments, creating a sample that represents the general population’s attention performance.

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