MOXO for Education

Enabling attention informed education

Attention is a precondition to learning, and understanding individual learner profiles is a key element in unlocking learning potential.

From engaging students to tailoring personalized approaches, MOXO unveils the often overlooked dimension of attention.

Start seeing learners through the
lens of attention.

How We Support Educators

Recognize and nurture strengths

Nurturing individual learners’ strengths is essential for success. Our reports provide data not only about points of weakness, but also about individual strengths. This data allows educators to adapt their teaching to all types of learners.

Identify difficulties early and efficiently

Early intervention is critical for learners who are struggling. We provide easy to interpret data that can show early signs of problems and help jumpstart the process of finding the most efficient solutions.

Create individualized instruction

By paying attention to attention, educators can leverage information about an individual’s cognitive performance to create effective and adaptive personalized learning programs to promote both academic aptitude and engagement for all learners.

Mickey Revenaugh
Former VP Business Development
Pearson Virtual Schools

I’m proposing a move towards attention informed education, informed by other factors beyond just the reading, writing, arithmetic. How do we create learning environments where attention is something that we’re paying close attention to?

Embrace neurodiversity

Each brain operates uniquely and possesses distinct abilities. By measuring performance and self-regulation metrics, you can help neurodivergent learners set relevant personal goals and provide strategies that will work for them in order to succeed.

Provide quick and appropriate support

MOXO results can raise red flags early on for learners who are struggling. This information provides caregivers and educators with vital information needed to swiftly take action and provide necessary accommodations (504s) interventions (IEPs) or referrals.

MOXO equips the entire education team with a common language, fosteringseamless communication and synergy in order to achieve educational goals andfacilitate communication between educators, parents and learners.

Attention informed learning design

One size does not fit all. Accommodating learners based on specific challenges and nurturing unique strengths are both essential for success. MOXO reports equip learning designers with the information they need to be adaptable and create a mesh of interventions that bring out the very best in every learner.

Provide emotional support

Misunderstanding of a learner’s attention can be frustrating and impact learner self-awareness, self-confidence, and self-esteem. MOXO reports provide easy to understand information that you can use to create personalized coping strategies and enhance learners’ social-emotional learning (SEL) and well-being.

Sam Goldstein, PhD
Editor In Chief
Journal of Attention Disorders

What does a test like MOXO provide? It provides a sound, reasoned, and reasonable statistical analysis that tells you, not just in a qualitative way, but in a quantitative way, where this child is in these 4 critical components – attention, timing, impulsivity and hyper-reactivity.

Implementation of MOXO for Education

With MOXO Profiler you can uncover attentional strengths and weaknesses by zooming out to view the entire spectrum of attention. If a weakness is identified we recommend using MOXO Diagnosis with the help of certified medical professionals.