Modernizing attentional assessments

MOXO Diagnosis is the preferred decision support tool trusted by clinicians worldwide when it comes to diagnosing attentional difficulties.

As the industry leading continuous performance test (CPT), we make diagnosing ADHD convenient, easy, and precise.

How We Support Clinicians

Diag_icon Exceptional accuracy

Exceptional accuracy

The MOXO assessment has
been rigorously tested by
both clinicians and
academics and boasts 91+%
accuracy, and 85%+
sensitivity and specificity.

MOXO is the only assessment
that both ensures validity
and indicates attempts of

Ease of use

Easily manage your patients and review their assessment results.

Our modern, intuitive, cloud-based platform allows clinicians to send, run, observe and review assessments from anywhere.

Intervention monitoring

MOXO is an ideal measure of intervention effectiveness with over 20% of clients using it for
intervention efficacy.

MOXO has demonstrated excellent test-retest reliability,
maintaining consistency with a one-hour administration gap.

Adults (age 20 and above) accounted for 24% of all MOXO assessments conducted worldwide during 2023. This amounts to a tri-fold increase compared to pre-covid usage.

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