The assessment you know and love is now easier to administer and review, and can be evaluated in exciting new ways – MOXO Profiler & MOXO Premium.

Account Type – Profiler


MOXO Profiler is the industry’s first attention profiler, designed to encompass the entire attention spectrum, unlocking attentional information for each client and highlighting strengths alongside areas for improvement.

Profiler mode allows you to drill down and view how your client’s performance throughout the test translates into focus, information processing, and socio-emotional regulation.

MOXO Profiler supports professionals by:

  • Assessing attentional performance along the entire spectrum of attention

By incorporating a general population baseline made up of more than 58,000 assessments we are able to generate detailed profiles, highlighting attentional strengths as well as areas for improvement.

  • Providing easily understandable actionable data

For the first time, professionals can access data on focus, information processing, and socio-emotional regulation, including the impact of auditory and visual distraction on these measures.

Elevating the overall client success

By using the actionable data provided in our detailed reports professionals can support their clients no matter who they are. Be it academic, athletic, professional, or anywhere else – MOXO Profiler opens a new path to success.


Account Type – Diagnosis


MOXO Diagnosis is the preferred decision support tool trusted by clinicians worldwide when it comes to diagnosing attentional difficulties. It allows for the same reliable clinical interpretation of the MOXO test results you’ve always had with us, now with modern and intuitive account management.

Diagnosis mode provides a greater understanding of your client’s symptoms, powering a more accurate diagnosis of attentional difficulties.

MOXO Diagnosis supports clinicians by:

  • Providing exceptional accuracy

The MOXO assessment has been rigorously tested by both clinicians and academics and boasts 91% and over accuracy, and 85% over sensitivity and specificity in all measures. MOXO is the only assessment that both ensures validity and indicates attempts of malingering.

  • Ease of use

Easily manage your patients and review their assessment results from anywhere. Our cloud-based platform allows clinicians to send, run, observe and review assessments with the click of a button.

  • Simple and accurate intervention monitoring

MOXO offers an ideal measure of intervention effectiveness, with excellent test-retest reliability after an only one-hour administration gap. MOXO provides essential information on the effectiveness of your intervention protocol, with over 20% of MOXO users already using the assessment to evaluate the intervention efficacy.

Account Type – Premium


A premium account is ideal for those who need to transition between zooming in on clinical attentional difficulties, and zooming out to view the entire spectrum of attention.

Premium members enjoy both views for less, with retroactive access to comprehensively evaluate past assessments free of charge!

For more on the benefits of a Premium account read this post – Why Choose Premium.